Meet Dr. John T Emerson, DC

“Dr. Emerson is an extraordinarily gifted doctor in his field.” – H.V.E., President of Ninos del Arcos Iris

Meet Dr. John

“I love what I do and thoroughly enjoy watching other people’s lives change and heal on every level as mine has and continues to do.” Dr.Emerson

Dr. Emerson brings the experience of personal success and the wisdom of overcoming life-threatening obstacles into his Professional & Business coaching as well as his Integrative Body Work Services.  As a world-traveled Holistic Chiropractor and former Professional basketball player, Emerson weaves his experiences as a corporate coach and facilitator to create a conscious integration process of the physical, mental, emotional, chemical, linguistic, spiritual and soul aspects in each individual. The result, if the client is truly ready to embrace wellness on all of these levels is deep, transformational and often permanent healing. With a ‘death at his doorstep’ experience due to ‘health opportunity’ (cancer; healing completely non-allopathically without radiation or chemotherapy) and over 25 years of commitment to conscious growth and development, Dr. Emerson promotes True Health Care from the inside-out rather than the outside-in.  “This paradigm (inside/out) of health care is what can change your life… forever”.

Professional Coaching and Integrative  Bodywork Is Born…

Dr. Emerson’s first experience with coaching  was in 2008 with a worldwide business named Shirlaws Group.   He was responsible for coaching the core group of executive leaders as well as providing Chiropractic Care conjunctively.  This was the birth of his work as a Professional Coach and Integrative Body Worker.

The Chiropractic Journey…

Dr. Emerson became acquainted with Chiropractic for the first time in 1991 due to a basketball injury.  It was there that the spark and passion for this profession began.  He became very interested in the bodies capability to self heal as his experience with Chiropractic Care was providing amazing results – beyond the back pain he originally went for.   Surgery was scheduled with an orthopedic surgeon for 2 weeks from the time he had started chiropractic care but he didn’t show up because …….
Four years later, he entered Chiropractic College and it was in his first year that he realized he had found a lifelong passion for his future work and life.  He loves what he does and thoroughly enjoys watching other people’s life change and heal as he continues to do on every level for himself.

Earlier Years

Dr. John was born In Nashville, Tennessee USA and has lived in many states between the East Coast and West Coast.  His international Life experience has included Argentina, Germany, Austria, Italy, London, Ireland and Peru. He’s studied and played NCAA Division I college basketball at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst  for four years and then played Professional Basketball at the International/European level for three years in South America and Europe.  After his basketball career, he represented an advertising consultant firm in New York City for five years.

Conscious Awakening 1989 – Now

Dr. Emerson started actively participating in conscious growth activities, workshops, and teachings in 1989 and has continued to do so non stop to this day.  His passion to grow and understand Life and everything about Life has never ceased and includes everything from experiential teachings/workshops, philosophies, spiritualities, organizations, 15 years of Men’s and Woman’s work. volunteer prison work (Folsom Prison), many mentors, influential leaders and more.  

He believes we are here to heal ourselves in order to live authentically without apology (unless warranted of course).  It takes work and genuine effort.  While it’s true Dr. Emerson has found success in endeavors that include the corporate world, earning a Doctorate degree and serving many clients as well as having played Professional Basketball and more, Dr. Emerson has also failed, stumbled, fallen and faced death multiple times.  He knows the deep lows that can come with living a full out life and allowing trust to be his compass even when the compass has failed to appear.

He has risked and journeyed  through marriage, divorce, being broke due to the requirements of overcoming cancer and auto immune disease still even when life seemed completely dark and hopeless, his mastery of courage and willingness to say YES to life pulled him through to the other side and into Light successfully.

Everyone’s path is unique.  His epic journeys are filled with deep root understandings that his client’s benefit from. To learn more about working with Dr Emerson, visit the Deep Root Methods page.

Spiritual Lineage, Education & Credentials

Spiritual Path
  • LifeSpring Trainings  1989-1994
  • Dr John Donofrio 1996-current
  • Dr Arno Burnier – MasterPiece Training Camps 1997-2001
  • Dr Sue Brown – Bio Geometric Integration Chiropractic – 1997-2001
  • Mankind Project International  1998-current sabbatical
  • Junpo Dennis Kelley  – Hollow Bones: Japanese Samurai Rinzai Zen Traditions
  • Dennis Mead Shikaly – Trainer, Mentor, Guide
  • Folsom Prison Volunteer with The Inside Circle Foundation – 2004-2009
  • Ray Arata & Family
  • Ron Young – Wisdom Healer
  • Alan Cohen-
  • Optimum Health Institute (Austin)
  • Church of Conscious Harmony
  • God’s Grace
Academic Education
  • 1982-1986    Bachelors of Arts Degree (Political Science) – University of Massachusetts/Amherst
  • 1995-1999    Doctor of Chiropractic Degree – Life Chiropractic College West; California
Professional Credentials
  • 2000 – Certified and Licensed by National Board of Examiners (USA)
  • 2000 – Licensed by State of California
  • 2014 – Licensed by State of Texas

*The Emerson Center is a holistic service uniquely available for people of any age, race, ethnicity, or sex .

To learn more about working with Dr Emerson, visit the Deep Root Methods page.